Auction CoolHey Tim, thanks for doing this with me. I love your work! Man, you are all over the place... shows, galleries, events... how do you do it? Are you a very organized person?

I've always been terribly disorganized. I've figured out how to get around it, though. I work with a lot of people that help to keep me on track. I write myself a lot of notes & leave a lot of messages on my answering machine.

I'm reading a book about A.D.D. That's me, completely.

Notes are a good thing! Are you the originator of "Gama-Go?" What’s up with that?

Gama-GoMy friends Greg, Chris & Stacy have a company called Solid Sugar. They asked me to do designs for tee shirts & I said I wanted to do a whole line. They believed in it & it's been a big hit. They are so good at what they do.

I just send designs, they pick the good ones out & market them like I could never do.

What about "Burning Brush?" Is that your baby Tim?

Yeah. I did a bunch of those auctions by myself before I met my new partners Sean & Caryn. I always had friends & my wife, Seonna, helping me, but it was my baby. Now we're doing things that I couldn't have pulled off in a million years.

Speaking of babies (yes, I was)... do you have any little Timmys running around?

There's a bun in the oven! Seonna & I are expecting in July.

Well, congratulations to you and Seonna! Hey, a crazy friend of mine says you and him go way back... "Fresno HARDCORE" - ring a bell?

Rings a lot of old muddy bells. Some of my fondest memories are Capitol Punishment shows at the Knights of Columbus Hall in the early 80's. Before I joined the band they were really amazing. Seriously, that band was right up there with Minor Threat, Bad Brains, Dead Kennedys... Mike Branum was the best punk rock drummer I ever heard. Too bad he was such a dick. :)

I love it! (as I’m sure he will too ;) What inspires you Tim? Is there anything, or anyone, who really gets you going in the morning? With your morning coffee? (do you drink coffee?)

Seonna is the girl of my dreams. She's one of the best artists I know ( She keeps me sane when I feel like losing it.

She's taught me so much & helped me to grow-up. Without her (& coffee) I wouldn't make it to work in the morning.Bubble Bath

When you're not painting, (and not sleeping) - what do you do for fun Tim?

Travel, shop, think about painting. I collect dopey looking toys from Japan. We're going there for our fist time in March. Woo Hoo!

Very cool! ok Tim, last question - what would you like people to remember the most about Tim Biskup?

That I never killed nobody that wasn't askin' for it.

Ha! Thanks again Tim. You’re awesome!

Tim Biskup
Burning Brush
Roq la Rue
The Truth Show

Tim and wife Seonna
Tiki Party

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