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Hi Kirsten, thanks for doing this with me!

You're welcome :)

archive layoutEver since I discovered your website, I've been a fan of yours. I love the retro look of your illustrations! Have you always wanted to draw?

So glad you like my drawings... thanks! And yes, I've always found drawing fascinating, but never thought I'd be doing it full time. I started out as a graphic designer, but was often compelled to sneak faces or critters in everything, so I eventually quit my job and focused on illustration (which I should have been doing anyway).

I noticed that you didn't have a bio on your site. (I'm always interested in the artist) Was that a conscious decision on your part? Feel funny about talking about yourself? (don't worry about it - people love to hear about you!)

Yes, I feel silly blathering on about myself. The part of me that is open to the public is my work. But if anyone reading this needs to know my shoe size or which erasers I use, feel free to write.

Do you create stock art Kirsten? How do you feel about that? Any plans for selling prints?

I've never had the time to create a stock art library, but I'm not against the idea. I think an illustrator should do whatever works for them. And no, I don't believe stock illustration will ever replace custom made pieces. Prints, by the way, are for sale in my shop. I'll also be participating in Tim Biskup's next Burning Brush auction in May.

From your portfolio, it looks like you've done work for many different clients.
What was one of your favorite assignments?

SimplicityThe former art director at Simplycity let me do whatever I wanted, which was great and a lot of my favorite pieces came out of that relationship. I also loved working on the commercials: not my best work, but I love seeing my drawings animated.

Kirsten, do you have any pets?

No, and it's a sad story. I've never replaced my original cat Samantha (who lived to be 19). Now that I'm finally ready to get a new kitty, I have a boyfriend who is allergic to cats. So now when I walk around NYC I am always giddily saying hello to other people's dogs, or talking to cats I see in windows. I'm sure the owners (and animals) think I'm nuts, but I secretly wish one would follow me home.

What do you do when you're not working? What do you do for fun?

Let's see...travel, collect flea market paintings and various gee gaws, accept dares to eat weird things or dance in public, see bands, write... I also love to be incredibly lazy when I'm not working, which seems to be all the time (working, not being lazy...knocking on wood right now).

Thanks so much Kirsten, I really appreciate it - you rock!

No YOU rock. Thanks you and have a nice day, dear readers.

all images ©2002 Kirsten Ulve

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Kirsten Ulve

Kirsten Ulve