Daniel Martin Diaz

Hi Daniel. Your paintings are hauntingly beautiful. If you had to classify your style of painting, what would you call it?



La Luz de Jesus


Do you know what you're going to paint before you begin? Do you sketch it out first?

I always sketch out my pieces before I begin to paint. For me the creative process is in the drawings. This is where I experiment with juxtapositions of body parts, alchemical symbols, and religious imagery. The painting process is usually more of a technical production.

You mention that your parents beliefs, and memories of your past, influence your work. How do they feel about your paintings?

My parents have expressed a desire for me to succeed.  I think they like my work. We rarely discuss my art endeavors. They are just happy that art keeps me out of trouble."Nature's Anxieties"

Who or what else inspires you?

Art and architecture, alchemy, palmistry, astrology, anatomy, nature, religion, and the many mysteries of The Holy Bible.

You're a self-taught artist. Have you always been into art?

I would draw as a child, but did not explore painting until I was in my early twenties.  I studied music composition in college, and developed my songwriting skills.  Teaching myself to paint was a natural progression.

Has your style changed at all through the years?

Yes, my style was quite crude in the beginning and then I fine-tuned that crudeness.

Having drawn a few things myself that people have questioned "where it came from in my head" -- do people viewing your art want to know what it means? Or, how you thought of it?

Yes, many people have asked me that same question. My first response has been that I don't know what it all means.  If I did, the freshness and mystery would be gone.  Not knowing what each piece means and not trying to find out is what makes art exciting. "Faith's Resurrection"

Are you a serious guy Daniel?

I hope not. I joke around most of the time.

What do you do for fun?

I hang out with my wife and son.

That’s cool. Anything new in the works?

I am gearing up for my first exhibition in Los Angeles at La Luz De Jesus in May. Working on getting Blind Divine's first releases out in 2002. Blind Divine is a band I have been writing with for a few years. I do all the treatments and write the music. You can download some of our music at www.blinddivine.com

You know, I did download and listen to “Strange Part II” - perfect accompaniment to your paintings! Beautiful. Thanks so much for doing this with me Daniel.

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