cire's work has been described as
"dark children's art that isn't really for children." *update ‘08* where’s cire?

hey cire, thanks for comin' over! Your artwork always takes me by surprise. Such sweet little girls and boys, who turn into pieces of meat and genitalia. Have you always drawn in the same style as you do now?Gallery

no problem - i really dig your site.

i've only been drawing for 3 years. the style has evolved into what you see. they started out thinner and more reclusive.

What are you all about cire? I'm having a difficult time trying to word these questions, because your bio page seems a bit of a contradiction to your work. Makes me very curious as to what makes you tick. In fact, I don't think I've ever been this curious about an artist that I've interviewed. What's going on in your head when you draw?

eeep. i just did the bio page cause i saw it somewhere else, and got a little tired of emails asking if i was 20 or 2000. or what planet did i live on.

we are 'all about' the same thing really. and maybe it's not so easy to explain... i draw it like i see it. and maybe sometimes i wish i could go live there. i mean - life would be better if it were a movie.

teeteringAre your parents around? Do they appreciate your art?

nope. my father died and is now in the nightmare. my mother is very interested in the two feet in front of her face. she doesn't know i do art. i tried to tell her once - but i'm not sure she understands what art is.

ahhh... that sucks. I noticed on your site that you're traveling around the world right now. What brings on the need to pick up everything and take off? Boredom? Looking for something? Running away from anything?

yeah. i suppose. i'm running. i suppose i just like whatever is new and glitters. i'm not really trying to be saved anymore. just looking for decadence, and whatever might turn me on. my friend told me - 'it doesn't matter what kind of monster you are, as long as you're an honest monster' and i guess i'm trying to learn that. i'm tired of feeling guilty.

Have you ever been in love cire?

no and yes. mostly no. i love life or the chance of life (?)

Who or what inspires you? What makes you want to get up out of bed in the morning?

i really like sleeping. i guess if i thought about it i wouldn't get up. my laptop is right beside my bed. and my drawing board is right beside my laptop. the fact that i'm working towards something inspires me. and sometimes a good drink.

If you could do anything, or be anywhere you wanted, what would that be?twins

um. well i guess i wish i could be someone else really... maybe tokyo. what would i be doing(?) dunno - maybe kissing someone.

Finally, do you really live in the middle of a roller skating rink? and can I come and visit you sometime? I'll bring my skates!

sure, i live right smack in the middle of a roller skating rink - and you can visit anytime. artists are rarely as facinating as one might think. they are just driven to produce... something... at least i am.
sea you soon(?)

That would be fun! Thanks cire. I really enjoy you!

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